Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flash Cards {Freebie Alert}

Is it September 01 yet?! 
I love my son, don't get me wrong, but I am so ready for him to start school again! He is a good boy, but he and his little sister bicker and fight all day long, it drives me nuts! So when he finally goes back to school, I will have a lot of time on my hands not having to break up fights!
My daughter has shown a HUGE interest in counting and learning basic preschool things. The other night when I was cooking dinner she counted from 6 to 10! I'm not sure if she started at 1, I wasn't paying attention until I noticed that she was counting right! I was so proud of her! I stopped what I was doing to praise her, and she had a look of accomplishment in her eyes. Did I mention she's not even 3 yet?! Well, basically 3... on Sept 04, she will turn 3... but still, that's amazing!
So I am getting things in order to start "homeschooling" her. She will go to public school when its time for kindergarten, but she's willing and excited to learn, so I am gonna give her the tools and materials to do it!

I used Scraps by Andrea's kit, In my Backyard to create these super cute basic shapes and colors flash cards. I tried them out on her this morning right after I made them, and she was so excited to have her own "school stuff" She even got her ponies involved and was trying to teach her ponies! Ok, ok... enough proud mommy moments.....
If you want to use them, you can snag them here


  1. thanks for these great cards. so fun and useful.