Tuesday, May 03, 2011

STS Birthday Celebration!

Today is my day to "host" the STS birthday party!

First up, let me introduce myself to you all "formally"
 I am Christin.. duh ;) .. and I am a Stay @ Home Mommy. I love all things creative. Sewing, cooking and of course scrapping are my top 3. I have been designing for about 3 years, and was super excited when Nicole of Stuff to Scrap offered me a permanent spot on the STS design team in November of 2010. 
I am married to my High School sweetheart, Jeremy. We started dating in 1996, and have basically been inseparable since. He is in the US Air Force and we are stationed @ Fairchild, AFB WA. We are from Washington state, so we are very happy to be where we are. Fingers crossed no orders come down anytime soon!! ;)
We have 2 children. Our son, Jae is 8 and Kylee is 3. As a family we love hanging out, outside. Camping, 4x4, ORV, hiking, biking, swimming... anything that gets us out of the house and making memories. :)

Next, I will answer a question from the STS Birthday Punch bowl.
"Has anyone ever done anything extra special for you on your birthday?"
For my 23rd birthday, my hubby's co-worker took me out for the day. She took me on a shopping spree and told me to buy anything I wanted! LOL, Im such a thrifty shopper, she got off lucky! A pair of jeans and a top for only $40. Then we went out to lunch @ Famous Dave's BBQ. It was nice to get out and pamper myself, daddy stayed with Jae who @ the time was only 3. 
I can't decide what was better, the food and outfit or being able to eat my food and shop without a antsy toddler touching everything. ;)

In a comment below, you answer the same question:  
"Has anyone ever done anything extra special for you on your birthday?"

And now a little present for you!

Be sure to check out the STS Blog everyday in May for the next designer and STS Birthday freebie!


  1. Super cute kit and I didn't know y'all was a military family. My husband is in the Marines and we are at our first duty station in CA. We have bee there for about 3 years now.

  2. Thank you!!! Realy great kit, thanks.

  3. Super cute kit!
    I have a huge eclectic group of friends, with varying schedules, so a "birthday bash" usually is in small increments with just a few friends at a time. A few years ago, my BFF Jessica (whose bday is a day before mine) and I managed to get ALL our friends at the same tavern, at the same time, and had a great night of food and drinks! It was the best birthday ever (So far)I even have pictures! Haha I plan to scrap them..eventually!

  4. Real cute kit, thanks for sharing.

  5. My best friend has taken me out to eat on my bday and then we usually go out later that night for drinks. It's great to get out with the girls and just be silly... Thanks for the freebie :)

  6. Every Birthday has to start with my parents calling me at 6:14 am birth time, when I was younger it was a pain....I never was up that early, now with little ones I wish I could sleep later, usually catch it on the first ring now...lol! My parents also have to see there kids on their birthdays. You could never get out of it....unless you're out of the country...ha ha! I love my parents and now in my 40's it's kinda of nice...but will I'll be the same way. Only time will tell...lol!

    Thanks for such a great kit!