Monday, May 09, 2011


Attention: Wendy's Forum is a PIRATE site, and they are distributing my scrap kit, Birthday Wishes there illegally. I thank all of you who respect my TOU and are grateful for my freebies, but things like this really, really aggravate me! I have also been made aware there are at least 2 other sites distributing this kit as well. :|
Since posting a notice to remove my kit from her forum I have recieved this message from Wendy herself, 
"I completely removed the scraps board with all those topics and posts.. as I notice that I can't control what members post so I removed all..
 Thank you Wendy, that is the RIGHT thing to do and all of us in the digi-community appreciate it!! 
Still awaiting acknowledgment from these sites: 
I'm 2 for 3!!
Got this PM from Bestgfx:
Letter: Removed Copyright Materials!!!
"Hi Christin, We are happy when receive your report. Your product was removed on our site!!! You can check it.
If you want to report next, please email to: . We will check it soon !!!"
As far as Im concerned they are still pirate sites.

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