Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photobucket :\

Well, I have exceeded my limit on photobucket and don't really care to pay for the service. So until I figure out another photo host site, my site will be full of photobucket "limit exceeded" pictures  :\ blah...


  1. can you just create a second account? If not, try shutterfly? It's unlimited! I have my blogwear on there, but haven't tried to move my blinkies yet.

  2. I had to open a second account with a different email as well. The old account photos came back after a month but until then I used my new account to post on my blog and now alternate between then to not hit the monthly max.

  3. You can use Picasa. Blogger also uses this for the photos you post on your blog.You can create your own albums and all.

    Got to you blogger dashboard
    Click on My Account at the top right side
    Under My Setting you will see Picasa Web Albums. Click on it
    This will take you to your Picasa Account