Friday, December 17, 2010

Playing Catch-Up {Showing Off Layouts}

I am so ready for Christmas!!! I think I am more excited about it than the kids are! :) When I was a little girl, every year I'd wake up early, early, early in the morning to see if Santa had come yet. When I saw the gifts under the tree (wrapped), I was sooo excited. But we knew that we had to wait for Mom and Dad to wake up and at least have a cup of coffee (and a cigarette, blah) before we could open anything. They were smart and bought time with wrapped stocking stuffers and a new coloring book and crayons every year. 
This will be the first year at home as a small family of 4 + 1 Uncle Jesse. I'm excited for a more calm gift opening experience. Lets just say the last 4 years, Christmas has blown up with  there being 5 grand kids in the family. Last year the kids opened presents for hours before taking a lunch break and finally finished up opening gifts just before dinner. Then the adults had their turn of opening gifts and that took an hour. After that experience, I said, NO MORE. Its gotten too out of control! I'm sure some of the time was spent saying thank you's, hugs, kisses and opening the toy packaging. But still. Ridiculous.
This is the picture taken from the cat walk looking down on the tree Christmas Morning. 
So this year, gift opening will probaly take all of 30 minutes, and then we will have the rest of the day to lounge, watch football and enjoy each others company.

Here is some eye candy that I have been meaning to share! I added the kit name and designer to the image so you know who to go buy the kit from *wink*

Hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year! 

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