Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Blog Topic! {Sew Adorable, my adventures in sewing}

I am going to start blogging my trials and triumphs of sewing here on my blog. The good, the bad, and the completely, totally horrible... I will share it all.  I am a complete newbie to sewing, this is the first time in my life sewing... so it should be interesting!
My step mom bought me a sewing machine a couple months ago after I posted something on Facebook about wanting one. I saw the most amazing baby quilt made out of the baby's clothes... I was in love, and wanted to make one for myself. Not my children, but myself. I am a LONG way off from cutting up my most prized possessions. But I think I have a good start at it!
Since getting my machine, I have become slightly obsessed with browsing sewing blogs.
Boy- there are a million out there, and all so informational and inspiring! So I will be sharing with you my adventure, hopefully on a regular basis...
First up! 
This is not my first pair of toddler pants.. I have made 2 sets using these instructions at Lovin in the Mommyhood I will post pictures of them soon. 
But it is my first pair making them from SCRATCH!

I used tips, tricks and ideas from these blogs:
J. Caroline Creative
Made by Petchy
and Craftster

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  1. Really cute! I have a sewing machine too and do not know how to sew either. I had grand plans... I did make a baby blanket for my oldest son and my nephew. I am still working on my youngest son's.. .he's 18 months now so I guess I need to change it to a 'boy' blanket, not 'baby' blanket.