Friday, February 19, 2010


As I was doing my normal blog browsing for freebie goodies tonight, I came across this blog. Scrapbook Ideas- Faithbooking. I couldn't believe what I had just found! I have had a calling on my heart for a long time to somehow combine my 2 loves. Jesus and Scrapbooking. And here it is! You know how when things just come together, and there's no way its just a coincidence. Well that was my experience tonight. The scripture I was reading earlier was the same scripture that I came across at Faith Sisters. When you click the Scripture Challenge tab, it takes you back to a post from December. Earlier this evening, I had just randomly flipped to that scripture when in need of a "pep talk" from God. (My hubby is away on business for 2 weeks. My 2 kids were driving me bonkers!) 
I am just so extremely happy to of found these sites, and I wanted to share the Good News, in case you haven't heard. :0) 
I will share the layout I put together, pretty effortlessly I might add! 
credits can be found here

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  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying it soooo much...then I read this entry and am now loving it even more! Thank you for sharing the freebies AND the faith!